Hydroskins 946ml/32oz.

Hydroskins 946ml/32oz.

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Hydroskins’ assortment of colors can be switched out with ease to fit a person’s mood or personality. Hydroskins’ removal from any size flask is simple, which allows for easy cleaning, and its flexible silicone material allows it to fit many insulated bottles currently on the market. The silicone used to form each Hydroskins piece is free of toxins, including lead and mercury, and has passed international inspection and the material is also used in kitchenware and baby products.

The creators of Hydroskins are all from Hawaii, and we wanted to start a trend that fits the active lifestyle our state has to offer. Whether your activity of choice is surfing, lifting, training or yoga (and everything in between), every Hydroskins covering adds that little extra touch of ALOHA!

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